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Growth makers


Growthmakers will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and awareness that they need to scale and grow companies in today's increasingly global market. Participants will be able to apply their understanding to startups, SMEs, and existing growth companies, bringing success not only to the students as individuals and increasing their competitiveness as emplyees but to businesses, economic regions, and – ultimately – increasing the visibility and economic strength of Finland itself.

Growthmakers (30 ECTS) includes the following five courses, which students must register for:
1. Leadership for Growth 5 ECTS
2. Sales & Marketing for Growth in a Digital & Global World 5 ECTS
3.Growth Strategy & Business Models 5 ECTS
4. Growth Ecosystems 5 ECTS
5. Professional Growth Experience 10 ECTS

At the end of the program, students will be able to:
- Help build & implement a growth strategy
- Understand the ecosystems of commercialization of growth entrepreneurship/startups/innovation and structure the processes
- Give birth to and maintain a growth company
- Increase the organization’s “pain tolerance”
- Create a community that is creating and maintaining growth
- Understand the opportunities and constraints of international sales and marketing
- Build a strategic growth network/alliance
- Identify the potential and constraints of technology
- Exhibit the soft skills necessary to succeed in an international business environment and compete in the global marketplace, including: cross-cultural communication, excellent networking abilities, collaboration, adaptive thinking, emotional intelligence, and resilience
- Understand and apply principles of marketing within global contexts
- Understand how international factors affect domestic businesses, activities, and concerns
- Understand global strategy, its importance to business survival and success, and apply it to domestic businesses
- Make effective use of human and cultural differences to create positive relationships with coworkers, peers, and the public (Work successfully on multicultural/interdisciplinary teams)
- Demonstrate an improved command of the English language
- Compare and contrast the business culture and environment in Finland with that of international ecosystems

Study Methods :
Team Coaching, Experiential Learning, Subject Seminars, Professional Projects, Expert Workshops, Self Reflection

Implementation Methods:
Growthmakers will focus on entrepreneurial pedagogy, which will be experienced through phenomenon-based learning and team coaching as well as international experiences and project work with local companies.

Participants will be evaluated by their partner companies at certain milestones throughout the program. Participants will also routinely conduct peer and self-evaluation. Students will track their hours and activities and keep a learning diary of their experiences. Students will debrief regularly with their coach in order to reflect upon and apply their learning.

More information: y-kampus.fi

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NN00DO56 Growth Ecosystems 5 op
NN00DO55 Growth Strategies & Business Models 5 op
NN00DO53 Leadership for Growth 5 op
NN00DO57 Professional Growth Experience 10 op
NN00DO54 Sales & Marketing for Growth in a Digital & Global World 5 op