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Bachelor's Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership, Tradenomi (AMK): 210 op
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Coach: Taru Nurmala taru.nurmala@tuni.fi
Head of Competence Area: Hanna Pihlajarinne hanna.pihlajarinne@tuni.fi

Tutkintonimike ja tutkinnon taso

Bachelor of Business Administration, EQF 6

Hakukelpoisuus ja hakeminen

General admission criteria, see TAMK’s websites.

Aiemmin hankitun osaamisen tunnustaminen

It is possible for students to have their prior competences recognised.

Tutkintovaatimukset ja niitä koskevat säännöt

Completion of Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership curriculum studies and achievement of related competence objectives.

Tutkinnon profiili

The degree is a Bachelor's Degree -level professional higher education degree.
The degree complies with the criteria set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and other competences.

Tutkinnon keskeiset osaamistavoitteet ja vuositeemat

The basis for the values of the education lay in building and strengthening an entrepreneurial attitude, communicational skills and continuously developing competence and knowledge of the team and oneself. These values are in line with and concretize the common values of Tampere University of Applied Sciences: sense of community, respect for the individual and individual differences, sustainable development and appreciation of expertise and entrepreneurship.

Proakatemia offers the possibility for team entrepreneurship, international work and unique networks. The value path of Proakatemia, trust, boldness, actions, learning and success, describes the learning process.

Important learning methods at Proakatemia are dialogue, reading professional literature and producing essays, seminars, innovation tasks and customer projects. Therefore the studies at Proakatemia require active participation and presence during all semesters (in total for 3,5 years). Especially, commitment to work in the team enterprise during the studies is required.

The students at Proakatemia have a strong network and will be regularly supported, and in case of any problems helped by their coach, tutors, student counsellors, (foreign) student ambassadors, study secretaries, etc.

Studies include:
• Basic and Professional Studies (150 ECTS credit points)
• Free-Choice Studies (15 ECTS credit points),
• International Practical Training (30 ECTS credit points)
• Bachelor’s Thesis (15 ECTS credit points)

Sijoittuminen työelämään

About 40 % of the graduates continue as entrepreneurs, and the rest find employment in diverse tasks in the working life. The interests discovered during the studies guide their career choices. In many cases, the graduates find employment through the contacts acquired during the studies.


After BBA graduation, you will be eligible to apply for a Master's degree programme in Finland or abroad.

TAMK School of Business and Services also runs further studies in an internationally competitive, English-taught Master's degree programme in International Business Management and Master's degree programme in Educational Leadership. To apply for a University of Applied Sciences Master's programme you must have two years of work experience from the field after your BBA graduation.

Opintosuoritukset ja niiden arviointi

Assessment of study performances is based on TAMK assessment criteria.
The detailed assessment criteria can be found in course implementation plans. The teaching and assessment methods are agreed on with students at the beginning of each course.


Completion of studies and achievement of competence objectives in the extent set by the curriculum.

Opintojen toteuttaminen

Day time studies. Team enterprise is the learning environment in this Degree Program, so the studies require commitment to the objectives of the team enterprise.

Tutkinnon kehittäminen

The Ministry of Education and Culture’s definitions of policy and TAMK’s strategy have been considered in the curriculum.
The Degree Programme will be continuously developed based on the feedback from the students and employers.