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Qilu University of Technology DD- Programme

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Valitse näytettävät lukuvuodet, lukukaudet ja periodit (kun vain yksi vuosi on valittuna) alla olevilla napeilla. (K = Kevät, S = Syksy)
Lukuvuodet 1 2 3 4
Hae nimellä: op 1 2 3 4 1S 1K 2S 2K 3S 3K 4S 4K 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Higher Education Studies at Qilu University of Technology
Studies conducted at Qilu University of Technology, China 120    
Engineering Tools 1
Writing Scientific Reports in English 3
Computer and Software Tools 3
Mathematics 1 5
Mathematics 2 5
Finnish for Foreigners 1 3
Finnish for Foreigners 2 3
Orientation to BioProduct and Process Engineering 5
Structure and Function of Natural and Industrial Environments 1
Basic Chemistry 5
Mechanics and Thermophysics 5
Sustainable Industrial Production 6  
Structure and Function of Natural and Industrial Environments 2
Electricity and Magnetism 3
Oscillations, Waves and Modern Physics 3
Physical Chemistry in Process Engineering 3
Physical Chemistry Laboratory Course in Process Engineering 3
Organic Chemistry and Laboratory Work 5
Bioproduct and Polymer Studies in English
Bioproduct Management
Basics of Forest Bio-Product Engineering 3
Paper Board and Paper Production 5  
Laboratory Work 4  
Paper and Packaging Customer Management
SurfaceTreatment Engineering 5  
Printing Technologies 6  
Packaging and New Products 6  
Customer Management in Forest Based Industry 3  
Bioeconomy Products and Services
Biorefinery 3  
Forest Resources and Fiber Management 3
Pulping and Recycling Technologies 5  
Circular Economy Case Studies 3  
Polymers and Composites
Polymer Processing 5  
Polymer Chemistry and Laboratory Work 5  
Composite Engineering 4  
60 / 6060 / 6060 / 6060 / 6060 / 2860 / 3260 / 3160 / 2960 / 3060 / 3060 / 3060 / 3060 / 15.5560 / 12.5560 / 16.0560 / 16.0560 / 15.560 / 15.560 / 14.560 / 14.560 / 1560 / 1560 / 1560 / 1560 / 1560 / 1560 / 1560 / 15
Opinnot on suunniteltu siten, että opintoja suoritetaan 60 opintopistettä lukuvuodessa ja 30 op lukukaudessa.

Ajoitussuunnitelman opinnot on suunniteltu siten että lukuvuodessa opiskellaan 60 opintopistettä ja opintojen kesto on 3,5/4/4,5 vuotta.Opintojen suunniteltua ajoitus voi vaihtua opintojen aikana.

Engineers graduating from the Bioproduct and Process Technology have versatile set of competencies in the technology of forest-related biomaterials and chemical engineering. In addition to engineering skills, an understanding of energy, quality, environment, safety, management and business is developed. The learning outcomes equate to level 6 in the European Qualifications Framework.

Interesting and often international work places will be found in the forest bio industry and the process industry including subcontractors and those providing machines and materials for these industries.
Typical job titles are: shift manager, operations engineer, production manager, product manager, production engineer, divisional engineer, sales engineer, after-sales service engineer, project engineer, research and development engineer, quality engineer.

The important values underpinning this programme are: life-cycle approach, saving natural resources and sustainable development. Bio knowhow contributes to developing sustainable production which will affect the operational preconditions of business now and in the future. The contents of the programme have been developed together with representatives from business life.

The first year learning takes place in the home university at Qilu University of Technology (QLUT) in China. The first year studies will be followed by 2 years studies at the host university at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) in Finland. The fourth year studies will take place again in the home university at Qilu University of Technology.
Courses at TAMK include projects, presentations and learning tasks which are often carried out in teams.
Laboratory tasks and projects gives the opportunity to apply in practice ideas learnt in theory. International issues is an essential part of the education.
Practical training or internship is an essential part of the studies supporting the student’s development into a professional in the field and is proceeded during the summer time or during the last year of studies in China. The goal is that the students can undertake the training as an employee of a company and the training is supervised by Qilu University of Technology..

The first year studies take place in China.
The second and third year studies take place at TAMK according to agreed DD-study plan. The students know common processes used in bioproduct and process industry and has insight into energy issues. The students will learn about raw materials used in forest industry into a final product. The students understand the principles of business and quality management. The students know the factors affecting pulping, paper and paperboard production and how to apply chemistry in the unit processes. The students know the idealogy of circular economy and can apply it to biorproduct engineering.
The fourth year of studies takes place at the home university in China. The students will make the practical training and final thesis at Qilu University of Technology. The students show professional competence during practical training and in the thesis work process.