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Degree Programme in Hospitality Management, Bachelor of Hospitality Management: 210 cr
Bachelor of Hospitality Management

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Leena Mäkelä

Qualification Awarded and the Level of Qualification

Bachelor of Hospitality Management, EQF 6

Special Admission Requirements

General admission criteria, see TAMK’s websites.

Recognition of Prior Learning

It is possible for students to have their prior competence recognised. See TAMK’s credit transfer guidelines

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Completion of curriculum studies and achievement of related competence objectives.

Profile of the Programme

The degree is a bachelor-level professional higher education degree.
The degree complies with the criteria set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and other competence.

Key Learning Outcomes

After the first year you will be able to put into practice international cuisine as well as catering and cleaning services with hospitality and success. You will take a professional look into the development needs of the field.
After the second year you will be able to take responsibility of the human, financial and operational factors which affect a work community’s success. You will develop the work practices of international cuisine as well as catering and/or cleaning services.
After the third and fourth years you will be able to manage and develop international cuisine and catering and/or cleaning services by using multiprofessionalism and new technologies.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

After graduation you will have the skills to work in demanding supervisor, advisory, marketing, communications, planning and training tasks in the field or as an independent entrepreneur.In hotel and restaurant business, e.g. chef, head waiter, restaurant manager. In catering services e.g. catering manager, restaurant manager, service supervisor. In premises services (cleaning facilities, premises services, environmental management) e.g. service supervisor, cleaning manager.

Access to Further Studies

The degree gives eligibility for master’s degrees.

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Assessment of study performances is based on TAMK’s assessment criteria
The detailed assessment criteria can be found in course implementation plans. The teaching and assessment methods are agreed on with students at the beginning of each course.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of studies and achievement of competence objectives in the extent set by the curriculum.

Mode of Study

The goal of the programme is to produce widely skilled service industry professionals for the hotel and restaurant business as well as for catering and premises services. You will gain the diverse skills needed to work in the field as a realizer, designer, developer, marketer or as a supervisor.
You will learn to recognise customer behaviour and to produce services which take into account well-being, health, safety, aesthetics and hospitality as well as the financial profitability of services.
You will understand the theories, key concepts, methods and principles of your field and will be able to critically evaluate them. You will be able to manage and develop the work communities of your field. You will also be able to work independently in expert tasks of the field or as an entrepreneur.
As a Bachelor of Hospitality you will be able to communicate in both writing and speaking also to the audiences outside the field. You are proficient in international communication and interaction in Swedish and at least one foreign language.
We will create a learning environment where the students can gain individual professional skills for management and expert tasks.

Development of the Programme

The Ministry of Education and Culture’ definitions of policy and TAMK’s strategy have been considered in the curriculum.