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Degree Programme in Construction Architect, Bachelor of Construction Architecture: 240 cr
Bachelor of Engineering

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Head of Degree Programme: Minna Nyström-Järvinen, tel +358 50 4097158

Qualification Awarded and the Level of Qualification

Bachelor of Construction Architecture, EQF 6

Special Admission Requirements

General admission criteria and approved performance in qualification test of education of Construction Architecture.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Opiskelijan on mahdollista saada tunnustusta aiemmin hankitusta osaamisestaan. Katso TAMKin yleiset AHOT-ohjeet

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Completion of curriculum studies and achievement of related competence objectives.
Further information:
TAMK Degree Regulations

Profile of the Programme

The degree is a bachelor-level professional higher education degree.
The degree complies with the criteria set by the Finnish national degree system as well as with the European framework for degrees and other competence.

Key Learning Outcomes

After the first year you know the basics of building and construction engineering and know the most important operators of the field of construction. You know the starting points and goals of architectural design, know how to use the basic design tools and know the basics of building and civil engineering. You can draw simple construction drawings, create 3D models and visualise designs. Your skills in math, natural sciences and computing enable you to study further. You will already know how to study in a project.
After the second year you will be familiar with the basics of habitual residence and single-family house design. You develop your skills to draw construction drawings and 3D models as well as visualise designs. You will know framed systems as well as the structural elements of loadbearing structures and curtain walls. You are proficient in the most important aspects of construction physics and chemistry as well as energy economy. Learning through projects will be a central part of your studies.
After the third year of studies you will be able to design both residential blocks of flats as well as office blocks when given guidance by a more experienced designer. You know the permission procedures and processes of construction. You will be familiar with the technical systems and basics of BIM as well as integration of plans. You have an idea of the basics of community planning and renovation. You will be able to use product modelling and visualisation naturally in your design work.
During your fourth year of studies you will apply the design skills you have acquired in project work and in your bachelor’s thesis. You will enhance and improve your skills in project management, tasks of the main designer as well as in renovation and community planning.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

As a Bachelor of Construction Architecture you can work as a designer in a design agency, construction shop, single family house industry or in construction material production.
Occupational titles include architectural designer, building permit officer, product developer, etc.
The studies give you the basis and qualifications for the tasks as an architectural and principal designer in difficulty class "difficult design task" according to Finnish Land Use and Building Act. A graduate from the degree is able to apply for the qualifications once he or she have the required work experience.

Access to Further Studies

The degree gives eligibility for master’s degrees.

Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading

Assessment of study performances is based on TAMK Degree Regulations
The detailed assessment criteria can be found in course implementation plans. The teaching and assessment methods are agreed on with students at the beginning of each course.

Graduation Requirements

Completion of studies and achievement of competence objectives in the extent set by the curriculum.

Mode of Study

Full time studies (240 ECTS).

Development of the Programme

Education started by decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture in December 2013. The guidelines of educational goals were set by study group consisting of consultants from the field of building industry and education.
Curriculum is based on national competence matrix. It is based on requirements set in EU Directive 2005/36/EC.
Development of curriculum continues according to feedback from education and working life.