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Degree Programme in International Business, Egypt

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Basic and Professional Studies
Business Environment
Orientation and Team Building 0                                                        
Introduction to Business Operations and Legal Aspects 3
Introduction to Marketing 1 2
Introduction to Accounting 2
International Business Environment
Introduction to Marketing 2 2
Project Management 2
Basics of International Business 3
Introduction to Experience Economy 2
Global Economics 3
Establishing New Business
Business Planning 1 2
Introduction to Supply Chain Management 3
Sales and Negotiation Skills 1 2
Product Costing and Financial Analysis 3
Towards Profitable Business
Operations Management 4  
Sales and Negotiation Skills 2 2
Financial Planning 3
International Trade and Contracts 3
Communication Studies 1
Professional Development 2
Business English 5
Information and Communication Technology Skills 3
Organizational Communication 3
Business in Practice, 2nd. year
Business Planning 2 2
Professional Selling 4  
Basics of Financial Accounting 2  
Financial Statements 2  
Professional Business Toolkit
Mathematics of Finance 2
Sustainable Nature and Event Tourism 5  
Customer Intelligence, Research and Project Management 8  
Innovations and Business Management 5  
Transportation Management 6                                                        
Business Game 4  
Specialization Modules
(Select 45 cr)
Strategic Marketing Planning 3  
Marketing in the Digital World 4  
Customer Journey and Marketing Analysis 3  
International Brand Management 5                                                        
Human Resource Management and Leadership
Human Resource Management 5  
Managing Multicultural Organizations 5  
Modern Leadership Skills 5  
Accounting and Finance
Corporate Finance 4  
Performance Management and Control 5  
Advanced Accounting and Finance 6  
Communication Studies 2
Professional Development 2                                                        
Foreign Language 3  
Academic Communication 3  
Business Communication in Arabic 2  
Practical Training
Practical Training 30    
Free-Choice Studies
Free choice studies 16                                                        
Bachelor's Thesis
Final Thesis Practicalities and Research Methods 2                                                        
Research Plan 3                                                        
Bachelor’s Thesis, Final Report 10                                                        
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA
Scope and duration:
210 ECTS credits, 4 years
Head of the International Business Programme:
Dr. Irja Pietilä

The TAMK BBA in International Business Egypt is a dublicate of the internationally competitive, full-time Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (BBA) taught in Finland and accredited by the Finnish Ministry of Education. The programme is executed in co-operation with Educity. It focuses on practical international business skills and accepts students from the whole MENA region. The language of the programme is English.


The objective of the TAMK BBA in International Business is to prepare undergraduates for tasks demanding business expertise and for entry-level managerial positions worldwide. The Programme is targeted at students who want to work in a multicultural environment. The students will learn basic business skills and acquire competence essential for success in today’s international working life. The Programme will challenge students to look for your field of expertise and career path in business. A key element of the Programme is a required period of study abroad.

Graduates from the TAMK BBA in International Business Programme face exciting professional opportunities e.g. in the fields of marketing, accounting and finance, human relations management, sales and export-import operations. TAMK graduates may also work in project management or as consultants or entrepreneurs.

More detailed descriptions of the TAMK BBA in International Business courses, study methods, and grounds for assessment can be found in the online curriculum of the Programme:


The BBA Degree Programme consists of the following parts:

• Basic and Professional Studies (149 ECTS credit points) including a required International Study Exchange of 4 - 6 months,
• Free-Choice Studies (16 ECTS credit points),
• Practical Training (30 ECTS credit points)
• Bachelor’s Thesis (15 ECTS credit points)

A semester of study abroad is a required part of the International Business Degree Programme.

First Year - Basics of International Business

During the first year of studies, the objective is to give the students a broad perspective on the business operations of a company, including computing and communication skills. A theoretical approach is combined with learning-by-doing; students learn to apply theory in practice right from the start.

Working life skills and competences are developed through various modes of learning, and in collaborative learning sessions under the guidance of a team coach. The coaches will have an on-going role in promoting individual and team learning skills throughout the studies. Within their teams, students learn together and practice their collaboration skills.

Second Year – The Fields of Specialization

At the end of the first year and the beginning of the second year, the students will start to plan their own career paths. There will be altogether three specialization modules: Marketing, Accounting and Finance and Human Resource Management and Leadership (each 15 ECTS credit points) which will give the students a deeper insight into the functions of an internationalizing company. Studies in these modules beging during the second year. The studies are put in practice in the virtual firms that the students establish and maintain during second year.

Third Year – Exchange Studies and Practical Training

During the third year, the students will go to Finland for their semester of study abroad (= 4 - 6 months). The module studies in Human Resource Management and Leadership and Accounting and Finance as well as individual courses will be offered in Finland. Students can start their Practical Training during the third year, too.

Fourth Year – Bachelor’s Thesis and Developing Professional Expertise

Ideally, the organization where students do their practical training will also commission their Bachelor’s Thesis, which is a development project requiring them to apply their knowledge and expertise to solve a specific problem for the company concerned.

Free-Choice Studies, 16 ECTS credits points

The TAMK BBA in International Business will offer a selection of Free-Choice Studies in English. The yearly selection may vary according to themes offered by Finnish and Egyptian lecturers.

Practical Training, 30 ECTS credit points

The Practical Training in the TAMK BBA in International Business Programme is a 5 month supervised placement in an international organization. It gives the students a chance to learn more about the fields of specialization. It is a learning process which is beneficial for the student and the organization providing the placement.

Bachelor's Thesis, 15 ECTS credit points

The objective of the Bachelor's Thesis is to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, and in this way to produce topical solutions for the organization's needs. The thesis is written following the practices of scientific reporting and with emphasis on practical solutions for existing problems within the organization concerned. It can be a planning or development task, a research, a product, or a guide done for a company, a branch of local government, or other organizations. Ideally, the students should find a practical case for their final thesis during the practical training. Writing the Bachelor's Thesis will take from four to six months, depending on the topic and level of difficulty.


By studying in TAMK BBA in International Business Programme students learn how to function in business life. Students learn the habit of planning and keeping to schedules, co-operation skills, and the ability to access, evaluate, and deploy useful information. Learning is carried out by using a variety of methods, such as
• contact teaching
• virtual studies
• blended learning
• case studies
• development discussions
• research and development assignments with companies
• independent studies
• team-based assignments
• individual company projects
• portfolios

Student performance is graded on a scale of 1-5, unless otherwise stated. Setting and reaching personal study goals is the responsibility of each individual student. If a problem should arise with their studies, students can get help from a number of sources; the coaches, teachers, study counsellors, final thesis supervisors, study secretaries, student tutors, and the Head of International Business Programme.