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Degree Programme in International Business

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Basic Studies
Introduction to Company Management
Company Operations 5
Financial Accounting 5
Customer Orientation
Introduction to Marketing 5
Project Management 5
Business Environment Analysis
Marketing Research 5
Business Mathematics and Statistics 5
Business Economics 5
Introduction to Global Business
International Trade and Contracts 5
Business Logistics 5
Communication Studies 1
(Select 15 cr)
Information and Communication Technology Skills 5
Organizational Communication 4
Professional Development 1
Finnish as a Foreign Language 1 5
Foreign Language 5
Professional Studies
(Select 90 cr)
Business Planning and Control
Management Accounting 5  
Business Planning 5  
Business Game 5  
Advanced Business Studies
National and Global Economics 5  
Operations Management 5  
International Business 5  
Human Resource Management 5  
Sales and Negotiation Skills 5  
Entrepreneurship in Knowledge Economy 5  
Communication Studies 2
(Select 10 cr)
Academic Communication 3  
Business Communication in Finnish 2  
Finnish as a Foreign Language 2 5  
Finnish as a Foreign Language 3 2  
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Spoken 2  
Professional Swedish for BBA Studies, Written 3  
Green Supply Chain Management
Transportation Management 5  
Warehouse Management 5  
Enterprise Resource Planning 5  
Financial Management
Corporate Finance 5  
Business Intelligence and Control 5  
Accounting for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 5  
Marketing Management
Services Marketing 5  
Selected Topics in Consumer Behavior, Branding and Marketing Communications 5  
Marketing Planning and Strategy 5  
Management Consulting
Tools for Organizational Change 5  
TAMK Consulting Academy 10  
Introduction to Tourism and Experience Business
Introduction to Tourism 5  
Sustainability in Tourism 5  
Tourism Business Environment and Experience Economy 5  
Product Development and Marketing in Tourism Business
Experience Product Development and Innovations in Tourism Enterprises 5  
Marketing of Tourism Services 5  
E-business, Mobile and Social Media 5  
Types of Tourism Business
Wellbeing Tourism and Culture Tourism 5  
Nature Tourism 5  
Event Tourism 5  
Required Exchange Studies Abroad
Required International Study Exchange 20    
Free-choice Studies
(Select 15 cr)
Area Studies and Market Development (Russia, EU, USA) 5    
Business Related Project Studies 5    
Advanced Topics in International Business 5    
Law for Business People 5    
Practical Training
International Practical Training 30    
Bachelor's Thesis
Final Thesis Practicalities and Research Methods 2  
Bachelor's Thesis, Final Report 10      
Research Plan 3    
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The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA;
Scope and duration
210 ECTS credits, 3,5 years

The TAMK BBA in International Business is an internationally competitive, full-time, English language Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (BBA), which focuses on practical international business skills. The study programme is accredited by the Finnish Ministry of Education, and accepts both Finnish and international students.
Completion of the Degree Programme requires an average of 3,5 years.

The objective of the TAMK BBA in International Business is to prepare undergraduates for tasks demanding business expertise and for entry-level managerial positions worldwide. Graduates from the TAMK BBA programme face exciting professional opportunities e.g. as sales, product, export/import and marketing assistants or customer relations managers, as logistics or marketing coordinators, or as consultants or entrepreneurs. We also provide a strong foundation for further study in an internationally competitive Master's of Business Administration Programme.

Students interested in tourism as a business area may choose professional studies in tourism for the second study year. A full year of tourism related modules covering a variety of essential topics within the industry, giving students an excellent background for demanding tasks in tourism and experience business.

The BBA degree consists of Basic Studies, Professional Studies including a required International Exchange of 4 - 6 months, Free-Choice Studies, International Practical Training and the Final Thesis.

Basic Studies, 60 cr
During the first year of studies, the objective of the Basic Studies of the BBA in International Business is to give the students a broad perspective on the business operations of a company (e.g. logistics, accounting, marketing, organizations), including computing and communication skills, combined with smooth group work and social skills.

Professional Studies, 90 cr
The Professional Studies of the second and third year give the students a deeper insight into the functions of an internationalizing company. The studies include the choice of a Module of specialization, each 15 credits – TAMK Consulting Academy - TCA (project studies), Green Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, or Financial Management. During the third year the students choose a foreign partner university for their semester of study abroad (= 4 - 6 months).
The tourism study path studies include 45 cr. of tourism and experience business related studies.
The International Business programme has some 60 partner universities all over the world.

Free-Choice Studies, 15 cr
The TAMK BBA in International Business offers a selection of Free-Choice Studies in English. In addition to that, the yearly selection varies according to themes offered by visiting guest lecturers from our partner universities.

International Practical Training, 30 cr
The International Practical Training in the TAMK BBA in International Business is done abroad. The 5 month supervised placement gives the BBA students a chance to learn more about their own field of specialisation. It is a learning process which is beneficial for the student, the company providing the placement and TAMK Business School.

Bachelor's Thesis, 15 cr
The objective of the Bachelor's Thesis is to develop the students’ skills in applying their knowledge and skills to a specific business situation or problem. Ideally, the students should find a practical case for their final thesis during the practical training.