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Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership for Influencers Academy

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Basic and Professional Studies
(Select 150 cr)
Preparations for Starting Entrepreneurs
Team Learning and Business Models 8
Boot Camp & Business and Life in Finland 6
Communication Skills for Entrepreneurship Studies 4
Innovation 2
Business Mathematics 5
Money in Business 5
Creating Business as a Team
Starting a Team Enterprise 10
Introduction to Business Law 5
Future in Digital Business 5
Responsibility and Ethics in Business 5
Engaging Customers
Building a Business Network 6  
Growing Enterprise 6  
Digital Business Strategies 5  
Growing a Successful Business
Profitable Business and Funding 6    
Seeking International Growth 7    
Advanced Team Leadership 5      
Entrepreneurial Edge
Final Camp 10    
Research for Business Success
(Select 20 cr)
International Sales and Marketing 10  
Management and Leadership 10  
Developing Economical Skills 10  
Creative Products and Business Models 10  
Line of Business Specialization 10  
Experience Economy 10  
Language Studies
(Select 10 cr)
For Finnish Students 10                                                  
Professional Swedish for Business, Written 3
Professional Swedish for Business, Oral 2
Each One Teach One 2  
Academic Communication 3
For non-Finnish Students 10                                                  
Finnish as Foreign Language 1 5
Finnish as a Foreign Language 2 5
Finnish as a Foreign Language 3 2  
Required International Study Exchange
Required International Study Exchange 40    
Free-choice Studies
(Select 15 cr)
Learning Journey I 5                                                  
Learning Journey II 5                                                  
Foreign Language 20                                                  
Organizational Communication 3                                                  
International Business Challenge 5                                                  
Tailored International Business Studies 15                                                  
Practical Training
Practical Training 1 10
Practical Training 2 10  
Practical Training 3 10  
Bachelor's Thesis
Thesis Plan 5    
Implementing Thesis 5      
Reporting Thesis 5      
60 / 130.560 / 58.560 / 87.260 / 25.860 / 6560 / 65.560 / 27.560 / 3160 / 41.860 / 45.360 / 25.860 / 32.560 / 32.560 / 32.860 / 32.860 / 13.860 / 13.860 / 15.660 / 15.660 / 2160 / 2160 / 22.760 / 22.760 / 1360 / 13
The curriculum has been planned so that the student completes 60 ECTS credits per academic year and 30 ECTS credits per semester

Studies of syllabus is planned so 60 credits are studied in academic year and length of studies is 3,5/4/4,5 years. Planned syllabus may change during studies.

Skills and competence

In the Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership Degree Programme at Proakatemia, you will learn valuable real-life entrepreneurial and leadership skills, project management, coaching, communication skills, systems thinking, service design, digital business skills, and, most importantly, how to run and develop a business that is successful, sustainable, and responsible.
The framework for studying at Proakatemia is the team enterprise founded at the beginning of the studies. The students will learn various aspects of business through working in the team enterprise, such as developing a business idea, productization, sales, marketing, financial management of a company, and leadership. They’ll also constantly learn collaboration and organizational skills, such as team learning and giving and receiving feedback. The students will continuously apply the skills they have learned by implementing customer-based projects through their team enterprise.

Working life placement

About 40 % of the graduates continue as entrepreneurs, and the rest find employment in diverse tasks in the working life. The interests discovered during the studies guide their career choices. In many cases, the graduates find employment through the contacts acquired during their studies.

Value basis for education

The basis for the values of the education lay in building and strengthening an entrepreneurial attitude, communicational skills and continuously developing competence and knowledge of the team and oneself. These values are in line with and concretize the common values of Tampere University of Applied Sciences: a sense of community, respect for the individual and individual differences, sustainable development, and appreciation of expertise and entrepreneurship.

Proakatemia offers the possibility for team entrepreneurship, international work, and unique networks. The value path of Proakatemia, trust, boldness, actions, learning and success, describes the learning process.

Teaching methods

Important learning methods at Proakatemia are dialogue, reading professional literature and producing essays, seminars, innovation tasks and customer projects. Therefore the studies at Proakatemia require active participation and presence during all semesters (in total for 3,5 years). Especially, commitment to work in the team enterprise during the studies is required.

Proakatemia's Operating Principles - Pedagogical Principles attached as a pdf.

The students at Proakatemia have a strong network and will be regularly supported, and in case of any problems helped by their coach, tutors, student counselors, (foreign) student ambassadors, study secretaries, etc.